Newsletter from September 11, 2007


September 11, 2007

Parents, Guardians, and Students,

We trust that the beginning of the school year has started well for you. We have a few bits of information for you.

1.    Site visits are starting soon. Your child needs to have rain gear, a lunch bag and water bottle for site visits. He/She also needs comfortable, durable shoes for walking and hiking.

2.    We have a unique opportunity to see the BodyWorlds exhibit at OMSI before it leaves on October 7, 2007. Students will also be viewing the Omnimax movie: The Human Body. Rachel Carson will be studying body systems this year. Students will be visiting the exhibit on the following dates.
September 19 – 7th graders will go
September 26 – 6th graders will go
October 3 – 8th graders will go

You can find out more about this exhibit by visiting

Students will have pre site visit work and follow up work from the site visit. We do have to charge each student $8 for the exhibit and $5 for the movie. Memberships do not change the fee. Please have your check made out to Five Oaks Middle School and have your son/daughter turn it in to their I.S. teacher no later than Monday, September 17. Thank you.Chaperones have to pay as well. The fee for chaperones is $13.

If you cannot pay the fee, please try to pay what you can. Write your I.S. teacher a note informing them you cannot pay. That note is due on 09/17 also.

3.    Last June Benjamin Shepard, a 6th grader at Rachel Carson, died in a plane crash along with his grandparents. A memorial was held June 26 at Five Oaks Middle School. Two days later, a tree was planted at the school in memory of Benjamin. This Thursday, September 13, we plan to take current 7th and 8th graders to that tree to have a moment of reflection and silence. Jim Murai, the RC counselor, will be present as will some RC staff members. Later, students will be able to write the family notes. We feel this is important as many of our students did not get to process this tragedy last spring. We want to honor Benjamin and celebrate his life. The family has set up an electronic memorial you can view at

4.    We hope you have visited our website at All 6 RC core teachers have a link on the right hand side for you to be able to access information about their class. Homework is listed there as well! Enjoy the new site.

5.    Back to School Night has been moved to Tuesday, September 18, 2007 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. More information will be coming home soon about this night. Please make plans to attend.

6. As we begin our site visits, we need all the chaperones we can get. We cannot take trips if parents are not available to help chaperone. We must consider the safety of students and if we don’t get enough chaperones, we will cancel the site visit for that day. It will not be re-scheduled.

Thank you for your support during the start of the school year. Things are going very well!

RC staff


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