After School Clubs Start Next Week!

After school clubs will begin the week of October 12, 2009.  Parents are responsible for transportation home.  Students will not be allowed to stay after school for Five Oaks busses.

Tuesdays:  Homework Club (2:10 – 3:00) – students will report to Ms. Hall’s science classroom by 2:10 with homework or study material.  This is a silent studyhall time.  Students will be able to ask for help from Rachel Carson Teachers who are monitoring Homework Club.

Wednesdays: Lego Robotics (2:10 – 4:30) – students have already began this club.

Thursdays: Math Club/Target Practice (2:10 – 3:00) – students will report to Mrs. Schrader’s classroom by 2:10 with math homework or already having signed up for an additional opportunity Target Quiz with their math teacher.  This is an opportunity to show proficiency or to work with other students on homework or get help from a math teacher.

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