Rachel Carson Helps Oregon Food Bank Garden

The garden is a new project that the Oregon Food bank proposed to our school in hopes of finding land to recreate the garden that was at their old facility. We are doing this with a vision to be able to help our community in yet another way while learning some basic things about nature. Throughout the year and into the future we will be tending to the garden along with volunteers from the Oregon food bank and its employees.

We have been making garden beds for planting. The ways we make the garden beds is by spreading different minerals such as phosphorous, limestone, and even molasses and then mix them into the soil. This is to create help create a more fertile environment for the plants and to help churn up the soil. We then lay cardboard down which will breakdown over a period of time leaving soft soil underneath.

In the garden we will be planting tomatoes, zucchini, onions, and raspberries. Over the next few months we will be planting and tending to the assortment of vegetables given to us by the food bank and learning this whole process. In early spring we will be planting food for the garden. In late summer we will be harvesting the food from the garden and handing it off to the good people at the food bank. The food we raise at the garden will all go to the food bank to be packaged and sent out to families in need after being harvested in the spring. This great opportunity was provided by the food bank and our teacher so please thank them for the work put into the garden.

By Kiernan, 8th Grade Student


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