Science Fair 2010

Science Fair DAY:

The kids today were reminded about tomorrow’s busy day- to help make this go smoothly:

Students must bring:

  • an am snack,
  • sack lunch
  • re-useable/refillable bottle of water
  • book to read between judges

Dress their best- wear those clothes to school and to the evening event.
They will not be in any of their usual classes tomorrow- it’s 100% science fair.

Evening event for family/parents:
Doors open 6pm to 7pm for Science Fair one hour Showing
7pm -7:30 30 minutes awards in Gym

Dress Your Best for Fair Day:

For next Thursday’s Science Fair, we have always requested that the students “dress their best”.

Therefore “suggested dress”:
Boys: Nice pants & collared shirts, tie if you have and like ties
Girls: Nice pants & top, dress or skirts & tights.
No jeans or t-shirts

FYI: Some boys will be choosing to wear a dressy shirt & tie with nice pants or a shirt & jacket with nice pants and some 8th graders might even go as far as a suit, but all of this is up to you & your child.  ALSO DARK PANTS = DARK SOCKS — NO WHITE SOCKS WITH DARK PANTS!!!

This is a great chance for them to consider and think about making a good total presentation with their science project, as well as with their own personal appearance. Some just think it’s fun and different to do.

If you might have a concern or need, please have your child discuss with their teacher and help is readily available.

Suggested Donations:

A small blue flyer went home last week with a request for a $5.00 donation from each family.
We always hesitate to do this. This helps pay for the science fair expenses and will help keep the rest of our year funded for our site visits, etc.

Unfortunately, we recently lost several grants totaling $2,000 this year and that has always helped our science fair expenses.

If you are able to help, please send $5.00 to your student’s IS classroom by Monday 1/25.
If you can afford to offset the cost for another student who might not be able to afford to, that is very much appreciated.  As with any donation, this is optional and any donation is welcome.


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