Guide Dog Tandy Turns One!

Here is a poem students wrote a line for to help celebrate Tandy’s birthday on Saturday.


Tandy is yellow, small, energetic and loveable, and playful and silly when her coat is off.

She is magnificent when she listens to her instructor and can do things no other dog would do.

Our girl is a chewer of bones and gum wrappers off the floor, a silent watcher of squirrels, and a companion of students.

Tandy is funny when she chews on her foot or through her Jolly Ball.

She is a tornado when she chases her tail and hilarious when she runs in her sleep.

Our girl is so smart because when told, “Tandy, go to bed”, she does so happily, but she always gets up to do it again for more treats.

Tandy is mostly very calm, a cute and happy puppy who likes to “vacuum” the floor.


Tandy will always find a good place to sleep.

She will be the greatest guide dog as long as she doesn’t chase birds in the mud again!

Our girl will always be like our own dog, and part of our family here at RC.

Tandy will always be with us in our hearts!

~Mrs. Schrader’s students

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