Tandy Update July 15, 2010

Tame, polite dog

After her elusive tail

Napping during class

Determined to be good

You’re a very best friend!

I’ll miss you

~F. Covarrubias

JULY 15 UPDATE: Tandy finished both Phase 7 and 8 this week.  She had her “final” test that consisted of leading a blindfolded trainer around downtown in the dark for 45 minutes.  She passed!!  She is now sitting on “Partner Row” waiting for the perfect partner match.  I will get a phone call on a Monday afternoon if she is partnered up.  We will then be at a graduation ceremony two weeks later — if nothing goes awry.  I am very proud of my students’ work with her!

JULY 8 UPDATE:  Tandy has made Phase 6!  One phase a week…  She has only 2 more phases to go!!!

JULY 1 UPDATE: Tandy has reached Phase 5!

JUNE 24 UPDATE:  Tandy has reached Phase 4!!!  She never ceases to amaze me!!  Only 4 more phases to go!

JUNE 17 UPDATE:  Tandy has reached Phase 3!!!  She has only been at the campus for 4 weeks!!!  We are all so proud of her progress!  She must really be enjoying herself.  Thanks to all my students who helped train her!!

Tandy went for her formal training at Guide Dogs for the Blind Campus in Boring, Oregon May 16, 2010.  Above is a photo of her in the “dorm”.  She was very excited to see she would have dogs to play with!  Her sister even lives next door!

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