Refuge Chaperone Letter

November/December 2010

Dear Refuge Chaperone,

Thank you for volunteering for our trip to the refuge. We will be outside, so please come prepared for the weather with your lunch and water.

We are planning on doing some bird watching at the refuge, so bring your binoculars if you have some.  This time of year, songbirds migrate through the refuge during September. Sandhill cranes arrive in late September and can be seen until early November before they continue their southward migration. Fall arrivals also include Canada geese and a variety of ducks including mallards, shovelers, American wigeon, gadwall, pintail, and green-winged teal.

The goals for the day:

¨    Know what a national refuge is, how they are created, and be able to name some.

¨    Relate ideas about the day in meaningful writing using good writing techniques.

¨    Learn to identify at least two new birds.

¨    Use good observation skills to identify local wildlife and plants

¨    Experience a refuge

Please plan to check in at the table outside Ms. Hall’s room by 8:45 AM. The bus will leave around 9:00 AM and will return to school by 2:00 PM.

Again, thank you for your time.

RC Staff


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