Ozark to Graduate as a Guide Dog

When: November 3, 2012

Where: Guide Dog Campus, Boring, Oregon

Everyone is invited to the ceremony handing Ozark to his new Guidee.  Many people took part in raising Ozark into the Guide Dog he has become.

Ozark came to Rachel Carson in October 2011.  He would hang out in math class and attend site visits.  Students helped to practice important skills with Ozark between classes.

August 5, 2012, Ozark returned to Guide Dog Campus for his final training.  Since returning to Campus, we haven’t had an opportunity to see him, but we have heard of his amazing progress through eight phases of training.

Graduation is a culminating ceremony for all our experiences with Ozark.  He will be excited to see familiar faces.

Ozark is the second Guide Dog raised at Rachel Carson.  Tandy, a yellow female lab, was raised in our program during the 2009-2010 school year.  She is currently living in southern California with her Guidee, Charlie.  They have taken many trips together, both via walking and airplane.  Her most recent plane trip was to Paris last spring.


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