Application Process


  • We do not do shadowing after students have been selected in the lottery or second consideration.
  • Applicants will shadow a Rachel Carson 7th grader and attend two core classes with them
  • Parents are responsible for transportation to and from Five Oaks Middle School, there is not space for parents during shadowing
  • Shadowing Sign-up will begin November 3, 2016.  Please email


  • Please see the Beaverton School District’s Option Website for specific dates and information:  The information below is specific to Rachel Carson.
  • We currently have 64 sixth grade spots open, 32 spots will be drawn during the lottery (32 will be held back for Second Consideration – High Interest, see below)
  • Students who have a spot at Rachel Carson will be receiving a letter from Rachel Carson in April/May to choose elective choices. Any students who do not return this letter to our program by the due date will be given Encore. Schedules are built based on this choice and cannot be changed.  Students are also placed on a team based on their choices for the three years they attend Rachel Carson.  Team changes will not be made.

Wait Pooled Students:

  • After the first lottery is held, all other applicants will be notified of their status via US mail
  • This letter will contain information about Second Consideration along with the form (see below)
  • Students will not be given a lottery placement, but as spaces become available, names will be pulled at the District Office lottery style and contacted by the staff at Rachel Carson
  • The Wait Pool will be maintained through Semester One of the 2015-2016 school year
  • Any enrollment spots not used by Second Consideration will be filled with students from the Wait Pool

Second Consideration:

  • Students who are wait-pooled will have an opportunity to apply for second consideration
  • Second Consideration forms are mailed or faxed to Five Oaks, the forms are provided to families on the Wait Pool via their notification letter
  • We have 32 spaces available for second consideration
  • Any spaces not filled through second consideration will be filled with students from the Wait Pool


If you have any other questions about this process, please contact Tammy Schrader at

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