How to Volunteer

Rachel Carson values and regularly needs volunteers, and If you are interested in volunteering to chaperone or help on regular school days, please contact our wonderful Volunteer Coordinator Julia Talbott at She handles all of the volunteer opportunities for the program, so you must contact her even if you have contacted your child’s teacher.

Every volunteer must fill out the Beaverton School District Background Check form found at This is done online.  You must be approved before you can volunteer.  If you were cleared in a recent school year, you DO NOT need to fill out the form for this school year.

Re Site Visits: Our RC Coordinator sends out volunteer reminder emails.  If you can still make the trip, you don’t need to respond to her email.  If you can NO LONGER chaperone, please get back to her BY NOON ON MONDAY so we can find a replacement.

Thank you for your time and hard work!! Our program counts on you!


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