Site Visit Student Expectations

On a site visit I am responsible for:

  • knowing who my chaperone is, what his/her name is, and where he/she is.
  • knowing the names of everyone in my group.
  • knowing the goals for the trip and what I need to do to accomplish those goals.
  • completing all my assignments to the best of my ability.
  • helping my group accomplish their goals.
  • helping adults to do what they need to do.
  • wearing long pants.
  • packing clothes to keep me warm and dry.
  • bringing my lunch and water in my backpack. Nobody will carry it for me.
  • my trash. We always leave sites cleaner then we found them. That includes carrying all my trash from lunch home, we don’t throw away our garbage at the site.
  • not chewing gum.
  • not bringing any electrical devices unless otherwise stated.
  • wearing my name tag on the outside of my clothes near my face so other people know who I am.  If I lose my nametag I order a new one before the next site visit.
  • bringing my supplies including clipboards and pencils.
  • asking questions when I’m confused about what my responsibilities are.

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