Site Visit Student Expectations

On a site visit I am responsible for:

________ Knowing my chaperone’s name, group members’ names and where they are.

________ Knowing the goals for the site visit and helping my group accomplish those goals.

________ Completing all my assignments to the best of my ability.

________ Helping adults do what they need to do.

________ Wearing long pants.

________ Packing clothes to keep me warm and dry.

________ Bringing all items on the list given to me before the trip.

________ Packing out my garbage.

________ Being quiet and facing the front on the bus. Do not wave at cars.

________ Leaving the site cleaner than I found it.

________ Wearing my nametag on the outside of my clothes so other people know who I am.

________ Asking questions when I’m confused about what my responsibilities are.

________ Being courteous and respectful to everyone.

________ Staying on the trails and paying attention to other hikers and getting out of their way.

________ Going before I go. Often there are limited bathroom facilities.

________ Not using electronics unless specific permission has been given.

________ Not chewing gum.

________ Dressing in appropriate clothing for the trip.

________ Knowing that if I am absent for the prep for the trip, I must contact a classmate or teacher for help and make up the work I missed.



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