RC Garden Going Strong!


The RC Garden continues to grow strong, and in the past two weeks, the kids have harvested over 100 pounds of kale and greens! This is a picture of kids taking the boxes to the cooler at the Food Bank. Well done RC Students!


Silverware Project Realized!

A student team at RC worked very hard this spring to get durable metal silverware for their school lunches — to reduce waste, be more environmentally friendly and learn lifelong sustainable habits.

In November, RC did a lesson on plastic waste in the environment, and it was shocking. Everyone in the class wrote letters to important figures to try to make a difference. Five students wrote to the Beaverton School District Nutrition Services administrator to ask if they could change from single-use plastic utensils to durable metal silverware.

After multiple successful meetings with him, RC received permission to start a pilot project at Rachel Carson and William Walker Elementary (co-located in the Timberland building) that, if a success, would spread to more schools in the district this fall.

With this change, we could save 6,186 pounds of plastic silverware in a year from going in the landfill. The district  now throws away 1.4 million plastic utensils each year.

Before that start of the pilot project, the district required the students to purchase a special type of magnetic trash can lid that catches silverware that might be accidentally thrown away. The student team put together a Go Fund Me page and worked with the Eco School Network for a waste fellowship grant to purchase a third lid.  Through the Go Fund Me page, the students raises $1010 toward their $650 goal!

These students have been the change we wish to see.

Congratulations to this team of students and RC for leading the way!

Outdoor School 2019!

Outdoor school 2019 began with snow and
ended with sun! 


outdoor school 4outdoor school 1outdoor school 3outdoor school 2

2019 Science Fair!

Guardians, Parents, and Families of RC,

Friday, January 25, RC will host the 15th Annual Science Fair. During the school day, students will not be attending PE/Encore/Band classes. Students will be participating in project judging, Science talks, games and more. Parents and family members may not come to see projects during the school day. That evening, families and friends can come to school and see the projects from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

For school on the 25th, students need to:

  • Wear nice clothes – nicer than what they typically wear to school
  • Bring a lunch and a snack
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring a good book that they can read in between judging
  • Have display items present to show the judges their experimental set up


Details for the evening:

  • Where: Timberland Middle School 650 NW 118th Ave Portland, OR 97229
  • Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • What: Student projects are displayed, food is available for purchase in the cafeteria – cash only, students discuss their projects, community celebration to end Science Fair.
  • Parking: There will not be enough parking in the two lots at Timberland. Please reserve those parking lots for people who need a closer parking spot. We have set up a bus shuttle from Cedar Mill Bible Church to Timberland. The shuttle will run back and forth. Please plan to park at the Church and ride the shuttle to Timberland. The building has several steps, but we have access to an elevator if needed.

Cedar Mill Bible Church
12208 NW Cornell Rd
Portland, OR  97229

We look forward to celebrating all of the hard work of both our students and our volunteers on the 25th. Hope to see you there!

~RC Staff

Garbage Collected in the Timberland Area

Last week, RC students spent time out in the community immediately around Timberland cleaning up garbage. Through their efforts, the photo below shows what was removed from the environment.

Students: Never doubt the impact you have on your community!


RC and OFB Garden

Be proud RC students! You have harvested over 400 POUNDS of food in your first three trips to the garden this year!!


Thank you, RC Families.

This is an 8th grade action project bringing awareness and help to families fighting breast cancer.

I cannot thank you all enough – my heart is swollen. Thank you for fostering these amazing kids, enriching their lives, and helping them to be even better human beings. Rachel Carson students spread a lot of joy and support yesterday and were the top 6th fundraising team out of 136